Tuesday, 28 July 2009

the quilting bug

I think quilting is going to be my new obsession this Summer. Yesterday I set to work piecing the backing fabric for the coin quilt sew along I started thinking about back in March.

coin quilt backing

I made a very mini stacked coin square from the last remnants of the scraps I used for the quilt, along with a few blocks of freshcut and a solid pink, all against a lovely sea of white. Then it was downstairs to tape it to the living room floor (just enough space between our 2 sofas) and make and pin my quilt sandwich while stopping the small boy from running across it periodically!

The quilting was much more swearword-inducing this time around. I don't know whether it was the different batting or just me, but it was a b****r! I kept on finding it was tending to bunch at the back whilst I was merrily free-motioning along on the top.

free motion quilting

I'm thinking that it might be due to the fact the hobbs heirloom has more loft than the warm and natural I used for the boy's quilt. It also seemed to stick the sandwich together less effectively, so that there was a lot more movement, in spite of copious pinning. Oh well, I got there in the end, and the loftiness will probably be really lovely when it's been washed. It's certainly a lot more 'pouffy' than the boy quilt already.

free motion quilting

Next step is to bind it in the pink freshcut I finally decided on. Strips are cut and waiting to be stitched up and pressed. I think the binding is my favourite bit of the whole project, not just because it means the quilt is nearly finished, but also because the handstitching feels like a real labour of love.

binding strips

I'm not finished with the quilting yet. Next is a doll quilt, the aqua and red coins pieced on a whim yesterday evening after seeing some amazing work in this flickr group.

another coin quilt begun


  1. It looks lovely - can't wait to see the finished item! I am afraid that I have some very boring things to do before I can start on my quilt with a clear conscience - such is life!

    Pomona x

  2. ooh the quilting bug is very serious you know, takes the rest of your life to recover from!
    loving what you've been making xox

  3. Looks fab! What a busy crafter you are. Love the colours for the dolls quilt too.

  4. Inspiring quilting and such lovely colours! I sadly have abandoned my little quilt attempt!

  5. Its soooo annoying when the quilting doesn't just go/ Its the sort of thing you have to get into a rythm with and the stop starts annoys. Also you wonder if you can be bothered to keep unpicking... looks good.

  6. Looks great. Still can't see how to become a follower. Not to worry, have saved your page to my favorites.

  7. You are really good at quilting. It looks lovely! When you top stitch the whole quilt, do you do it free hand?
    I also love the one you have finished from the previous post. :D

  8. I've just seen your son's quilt, it is amazing.

  9. The blue and red colours are fantastic together... I'm feeling the need to go find something like these... would make an awesome alternative to my current trend for cream and red!

    Keep blogging, Emma x


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