Sunday, 2 August 2009

Family day out

day out in Bristol

This week the four of us took a train to Bristol for a family day out, meeting with my mum and my brother and his girlfriend to go to the Banksy exhibition in the City Museum. We thought the children would be receptive as they're not averse to creating their own art installations in the living room with whatever materials come to hand (though thankfully we've never had the graffiti on walls problem to date!).

working on the art installation

artists don't always have time to brush their hair, or even change out of their pyjamas when inspiration stikes

We'd chosen the rainiest day of the week for our visit, though a handily located ice cream van provided a good distraction as we queued for an hour and a half in the downpour to get our hands stamped in order to join the next queue to actually get in.

day out in Bristol

stamping a 3 year old's hand provides ample entertainment for 20 mins of queuing

There was something for everyone inside. The boy's favourite was this one:

banksy exhibition

His reading of it: 'some naughty boys are fiddling with Thomas's controls'.

The girl was very taken with this:

banksy exhibition

She was also fascinated by the baby chicken nuggets pecking at some ketchup.

I'm glad we took the children to the exhibition as it was a great day out, and gave us lots to talk about. And last night my girl told me that when she's finding it hard to get off to sleep she likes to just 'think of something nice like Banksy', so it obviously went down well!


  1. Hello Helen!
    What a wonderful exhibition! Oh my nephew would love the Thomas art. Love the photo of your kids doing the art. I can see they are totally concentrating on it.
    I used to be really naughty and graffiti on my wall at home when I was small...

  2. The Banksey exhibition is on our days out wish list this Summer. Thanks for the warning about the queues, I hope our two find it worth the wait.

    Excellent idea providing cardboard box for graffiti art, my DD1 once chose our sofa as her canvas and my best lipstick as her medium(!)

  3. That exhibition looks great - it's a pity it's a bit too far away for us. And I just have to tell you that your bag was much admired in Cath Kidston this weekend - I am going to post about it later when I get home from work!

    Pomona x

  4. I'd love to see Banksy exhibition, but it's a trek from Liverpool. Have you seen the cross stitch kits at Urban Cross Stitch?

  5. Gosh it sounds like a great family day out. Your kids have great taste in Art. I'd love to take my daughter there. Thanks for letting us know about the queques.


  6. Hi Helen!! I'm sooo jealous of your Banksy trip .. We had planned to go but see that the Queus are 3 hours long apparently and we didn't fancy that in the rain!!! Did you have to que for long? x


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