Thursday, 3 September 2009

Back to school

What a slack blogger I've been this Summer! We spent the last week of the school holidays in Devon with my family - a party of 8 adults, 2 children and 1 dog staying in a vast 16th century manor house. In spite of the rain, we managed beach days, barbecues, croquet and garden chess. It was also nice to just relax in our lovely holiday home and read, bash out hymns and suchlike on the piano (I play like Les Dawson, only without the humorous intent), and cook lovely meals in the Aga (I'm now a convert, and sad that I can't shoehorn one into my galley kitchen). There was also one very entertaining morning spent doing some whole family face painting.

Now it's back to school for the other three members of the family, and back to housekeeping (haha!) and sewing for me. I have a major catchupathon due on everyone's blogging over the Summer - my google reader is showing a scarily high number of unread posts!


  1. Great to see you back - I'm sure you'll catch up quickly!

    Pomona x

  2. Sounds like another fun holiday! Like the scary facepaint....ahhh! xo

  3. Sounds like a special kind of holiday. LOve the face paint. Are you practising for Halloween? I can't believe that summer has passed now - I'm not looking forward to shorter days..

  4. That sounds like a lovely summer!

  5. Your summer sounds lovely, the face paiting looks interesting. I totally understand about being slack. Now that my rascal has started school and goes to bed at 8pm I get more time in the evenings to knit as well. :D

  6. That sounds idylic Helen. I've come to terms with rain on British holidays .. it's part of the deal. I have not come to terms with rain on foreign trips though. That's just unfair. xx


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