Sunday, 7 February 2010


... or Show and Tell

I feel an incoherent rambling kind of a post coming on. That might be due to the fact of having only had around 5 hours sleep over the past few nights (the baby has taken to kicking my internal organs with some gusto), or it might be because I'm a rambly sort of a person. Maybe a bit of both.

First of all, there are lovely things I have received in the post from kind bloggers. I never blogged the packages of seeds kindly sent to me by Ginny even though I didn't end up participating in Julia's Preserving Summer seeds and recipe swap.

seeds from sweetmyrtle

Ginny packaged the seeds beautifully with pretty hand printed labels and handmade envelopes. I do like cottage garden flowers, and these will add a lovely injection of colour into my garden.

I was also lucky enough to be the recipient of this flower corsage in a giveway from Joanna's blog. It's been pinned to my bag and looks very fetching!


My daughter was given a flower loom for Christmas and is eyeing up my yarn and button stash now that she's seen Joanna's handiwork.

Item 2 in this blogular ramble is things I have been making. I've had a few custom orders over the weeks after Christmas, which I always particularly enjoy. First there was a cake bag in a Joel
Dewberry home dec print

cake bag

Then there was was a shoulder bag in zingy Heather Bailey cottons, and a pair of soft baby shoes in a Cath Kidston cowboy print. There's always fun to be had in guilt-free fabric shopping for a customer!

shoulder bag detail

baby shoes in cath kidston mini cowboy print

Item 3 is pancakes. I bought these pretty red melamine measuring cups a while ago just because they were pleasing, and have discovered the joy of cooking with cup measures instead of weighing ingredients. My children have been reaping the rewards with stacks of pancakes for breakfast at weekends.


The recipe is so simple - one cup of self-raising flour, 1 cup of milk, 1 egg and a dessert spoon of sugar. I also had to buy a new heavy weight frying pan to cook the pancakes in as my old one had developed a concave base, which is not very satisfactory for pancake cooking. Such is its weight and balance that I've found myself with the irrepressible urge to whack my husband round the head with it in one of those Tom and Jerry moments.

Finally, I really needed to share this YouTube music video featuring a spectacularly brilliant Lego animation.
lego animation

I forget quite how I stumbled on it, but my children are currently obsessed with it and I find that they're bargaining with me to have this as their reward for good behaviour. I regard this as proof positive that they are geeks (they are hardly likely to be anything else as the offspring of me and my husband) and I am very proud. Is Lego not the best children's toy ever?


  1. Ramble away - it all looks lovely.

    Hmm, I'm still getting the hang of cup measuring. I pick weighing if I get a choice...

  2. I love a good ramble myself Helen, so no problems here. Lovely making going on over at yours. Hope the sleep goes a bit better for you x

  3. lego is hugely popular in our house. except when I step on bits in bare feet......

  4. Lego is utterly awesome, but the old school stuff, not the preformed stuff you can get now. I don't agree with that.

    Sorry the wee one is keeping you up already - it's such a pain that the sleepless nights start early. Fitz always woke me up at 4am, a habit he's continuing now...

  5. Looks like you've been busy! Thanks for the lego link - Calum has been bopping round the kitchen to it all afternoon (v. handy for entertaining him whilst trying to get the dinner made).

  6. I've just bought a bread maker and it's so great (and quick) that everything is measured in cups - 3 cups of flour, 1 cup of water etc.

    Oh yes and LEGO is fab, especially the new toy story LEGO sets - have you seen them yet?


  7. Love your rambles, being a rambler myself! The lego video was a total hit with my son too!

  8. Love the bags! I like the sound of the pancakes.... I'd make them for the children of course but I might just have to try one or two :)

  9. Hee Hee Hee...rambling is good. I've been going on about my knitting projects too. :)

    Lego is amazing and good for all generations. My brother and I use to play with our lego sets when we were little (1980s and now my daughter plays with the same lego sets. They last so long.

    Yummy pancakes, I must make some over the weekend.

    Take care


  10. we live in a land of lego here aswell!

  11. Rambling is such a great thing. My boys used to so love leggo when they were little...and so did I.

  12. Just popping in to say I love your blog. Your pictures are just gorgeous. Good work.

    lm. x


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