Friday, 19 March 2010

Polka dots and appliques

Last week saw me on a drive to make up some new stock for my etsy shop with the only fabric purchase I've made this year (I'm serious about using up the stash before buying more!). I bought these gorgeous Japanese linen/cotton mix polka dots in this etsy shop (and must add what lovely customer service I received) with this specific project in mind (you see, no more buying just in case!).

work in progress

This was such fun sewing, making tiny applique patches from my hoarded scraps of Japanese kawaii prints and adding pretty polka dot buttons. The result is a shop choc-full of spotty pencil cases and change purses which I listed at the beginning of this week.

pencil cases

coin purses

I always like to have a stack of finished items, no matter how great the pain of cutting out in bulk, it makes me feel as if I've achieved something with my week!

The other thing I've been working on is a custom iphone case request from my brother's girlfriend. These are the fabrics she chose, and here is the finished article.

As I am sadly not an i-phone owner myself, I had to rely on my mathematical skills (haha!) to make sure it would fit. If you're of a mind to make your own, then Florence has just written a lovely pattern, which will save you doing the sums! I am happy to report that the case was a success, and I even made a smaller version for my own not-an-iphone in the process of drafting the pattern.

mobile phone case

Looking forward to a quiet weekend now, and thinking about what to sew next week. Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Oh, I always like polka dots.

    I have this theory that I'm going to use up stash this year instead of buying new, but then I also thought that I wasn't going to leave doing our taxes 'til the last minute...

  2. What adorable pencil cases! I bet those will be popular.

  3. Hi Helen. There is nothing better than a stack of finished projects is there? well done you for such a lovely array x

  4. Lovely stuff - very spring like those polka dot fabrics!

  5. Fair reminds me of the dot buying spree I had in Japan - I love their linen/cotton fabrics. Lovely wee pencil cases too. Stocking the shop well before the wee one makes her appearance? x

  6. Lovely iphone cosy and sadly I don't own one either!

  7. They're gorgeous, Helen - you're so good to be bulk sewing at this point!

    Thank you so much for the mention.


  8. All such beautiful stuff. I love the i-phone cases. That turquoise blue one is gorgeous.

  9. Oh gosh! Those polka dots applique purses/pencil cases are so cute. I also like the colours you have chosen. So glad that Spring it finally here. :)

  10. I've just posted some japanese fabric on my blog so I hope you can come on over for a looksee when you have a moment... you're way ahead of me though as I've made absolutely nothing!! My Spring ambition is to get making in earnest!

    BTW - what is the red/black fabric you used for the iphone case - it is soooo my style!

  11. I have GREATLY enjoyed reading your blog over the last few months since I discovered you! Indeed, between you and several others I have been tempted to re-start my own, sadly lapsed, blog. I must say - I sincerely admire your resolution not to buy any more fabric until you have used some of your stash. I made the same statement concerning my yarn stash but having absolutely no will power whatsoever I was unable to resist shopping. In the end I decided to take up sewing and build a fabric stash instead - I felt that this was within the boundaries I'd imposed upon myself!!!! Keep up the good work!


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