Monday, 26 April 2010

Still here

Well, only a couple of weeks to go till d-day (I am not even entertaining the thought of going overdue as I did with my little boy. If needs be, I shall start making a Christmas cake to speed things up!). I'm rattling through my to-do list, attempting to get the house in order and reduced to swigging gaviscon from the bottle. The cat, who has always liked to sit next to people rather than on them, has become my shadow and likes nothing better than to curl up with her head on my bump.

I've been doing some last ditch catching up with friends over the Easter holidays before the small person slows me down. I had a lovely day out in London with Florence, Joanne and Lisa for sewing chat and anthropologie browsing, and even got to see the proofs of Lisa's amazing new bag making bible - I can't wait to get my hands on the real thing, which can be pre-ordered from amazon. And because I always like to share, here's a link to a very cute animated London bus map I found online (due to my anxiety about giving birth on the tube, I decided to remain above ground on this occasion).

Sewing has become strictly recreational for the last week or so and I've just taken delivery of a lovely new stack of fabrics for my latest projects, some for baby makes, some just because (is there a better reason for buying fabric?).

new fabric

I was also lucky enough to win Florence's giveaway of these gorgeous Rosalie Quinlan charm squares, which I am busy hatching up plans for - maybe a very special blanket for the new baby.

Hoping to be back soon, but if I do go quiet, you'll know where I am ...!


  1. I hope that these last few weeks go swiftly for you. My son came along the day that I finished painting our new house, which I always thought was rather considerate of him, even if he did show up a tad early.

    Now that I know his personality a little better, though, I wonder if the actual trigger was my making a car trip past the hospital without my hospital bag. My water broke and my panicking husband refused to let me make the rather long detour home to pick it up...

  2. I snorted at the thought of you taking the bus so as not to give birth on the tube - good thinking batwoman!

    My second obligingly arrived along with my parents visiting for the weekend - I think my uterus somehow knew it was safe to get going.

  3. hope everything goes well with the birth, looking forward to hearing some good news & seeing some photos of the new bubba soon x

  4. You know they dont come till you get that ball stuffed up a jumper look! Cake making sounds like a good idea.
    Keep well

  5. Not long now, the last few weeks are hard work. Exciting though waiting to meet them!xx

  6. hope the next few weeks are not too long a wait xxx

  7. Ooh how exciting Helen. The very best of luck with your soon to be babe xx

  8. I hope it all goes well for you. I love the new fabrics, enjoy some sewing for you!

  9. Hope you are taking it easy...
    my daughter has 8 weeks to go and her husband has suddenly got a promotion which means them packing up very quickly in Saudi Arabia and moving to the outskirts of good thing is it means I don't have to go to Saudi..
    Take care


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