Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Back on the blogging wagon

No, not dead, just busy baby-gazing (read constant breastfeeding!) and child-raising. It's been so long I don't quite know where to start. Probably with a long-overdue thank you for all the good wishes and comments on my last post - I'm not sure where the weeks have gone since the baby sister was born.

We had an idyllic Summer of visits to relatives, day trips, picnics, teeth falling out left right and centre (the big sister), conquering a fear of slides (the boy), and first smiles and laughter (the baby sister). Also, let's be honest, a little bit of squabbling (the big sister and the brother) and much vomiting and screaming (the baby sister), but we'll gloss over that.

We did castles (Castell Coch and Conwy), gardens (Bodnant) beaches (Lyme Regis), archery (Old Sarum), crabbing (the quay in Conwy), ancient monuments (Stonehenge) and much more besides, and the children had a whale of a time.

photo by my dad, hence higher standard of photography than usual!

Whilst I often bemoan the fact that we live so far from all our relatives, it does give us lots of lovely places to visit come holiday time from Wiltshire to Dorset, South Wales and North Wales.

There was also a 10 year wedding anniversary - obviously I was a child bride, I'm not just an aged old crone. We celebrated with a ready meal from M&S, talk about a glamorous lifestyle! Last weekend we also christened the brother (long overdue) and the baby sister. Cue a bit of stash-busting of my yarn hoard - this baby bonnet and cardigan.

another pic courtesy of my dad

Now if only I'd had the foresight to start knitting more than 3 days before the christening I'd probably be able to uncurl my fingers by now.

Life is somewhat hectic around here these days, and I'm not yet sure where I'm going to carve out some serious sewing time, but I'm enjoying all the mother stuff in the meantime. I've contemplated getting one of those mummy calenders of the many columns but I fear that's only one step from being the kind of person who does all her ironing the minute it's brought in from the line, remembers to polish the school shoes and gets all the lunches made the night before, so I've resisted so far - I wouldn't want to wreck my well-earned slummy mummy image!


  1. Hello, you little lovely. So good to hear that all is well. It was so lovely to see your name pop up in my reader. Much love to all five of you. Florence x

  2. Note to self - must polish school shoes (it only happens in half term and the hols!)

    Glad you popped in to say hi - been wondering how you'd been getting on!

  3. Aw, sweet. I'm impressed just that you could knit anything with a wee babe to care for. I'm sure that just feeding used to take up about 19 hours of the day...

  4. Lovely to see you again and hear what you've been up to! Great photos by your dad!

  5. Lovely photographs. Your Dad must live near my Mum ish? I live in Chepstow, my sis in Monmouthnand my Mum in Brecon!!

  6. Welcome back! Good to hear from you again - it can become allconsuming keeping up with a baby and elder sibling(s) can't it? Wouldn't worry too much about getting back to the sewing - I still haven't managed yet 20 months later!

  7. lovely to hear from you. what gorgeous knitting.
    I have an organizer calendar (not that one) I write the wrong things in the wrong peoples columns so we miss stuff.....

    are you supposed to polish school shoes. oh dear.....

  8. She looks absolutely gorgeous, as do the bonnet and cardigan! x

  9. Great to have you back, baby sister looks absolutely beautiful in her bonnet. I did give in and buy one of those pads of calenders from Phoenix and it has helped to get a little organisation back, however I am quite now resigned to never getting anything done!

  10. I don't know why this is only showing up now, but it's so lovely to see you! Glad that all is well, & that life outside the internet is continuing brilliantly. Baby sister is utterly gorgeous :)

    I still don't seem to have sewing time esp since the naps are getting shorter & the boy is walking everywhere, but (perhaps worryingly) I mind a little less than i thought I would.


  11. Nice to hear that everything is lovely. Savour the time you have just to enjoy being with your children... they really don't stay small for long as you've probably noticed. Good luck with the straightening of the fingers, it'll help when you get back to the sewing :)

  12. Hi Helen,

    Nice to see you blogging again. Your little girl is so cute, I love the knitted bonnet. It's nice to hear that you had such a lovely summer with your family. Hope to see more blog posts.


  13. Welcome back! What a lovely summer.
    As for the sewing, it will always be there for you!

  14. That is the prettiest bonnet I've seen in ever so long. The small lady in it is beautiful too! I put you on my Google Reader just as you went away. Now you're back, which is lovely.

  15. Hello all! I've been woeful with the personal replies to comments as blogger doesn't give out everyone's email addresses, so sory about that. Thank you so much for popping over to say hello though!


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