Tuesday, 23 November 2010

You can have too much of a good thing

Buoyed by the purchase of the loveliest red hat in accessorize on a day out with my friend a couple of weeks ago, I had the fantastic idea that I would knit a pair of red gloves to match. After all, you can never have enough red, right? Well, as it turns out that would be wrong ...

Hmmm it seems I've knitted an enormous, industrial-looking knitted red rubber glove! Suffice to say I won't be wearing my comedy glove (I will definitely not be knitting the pair) so what shall I do with it? Cast your votes now:

for hands that do dishes?

unblocking the toilet?


hawking? jousting? clearing hazardous waste?
(sorry I lacked the resources to illustrate these)

Watching Wallace and Gromit's The Wrong Trousers with the children this week, it also dawned on me that if I put the glove on my head I'd bear more than a passing resemblance to Feathers McGraw (yes, I know, it's the beak ...).

The glove is soon to be no more as I shall have to repurpose the wool. Now it's back to worrying about my beret making me look like Che Guevara (yes, I know, it's the facial hair ...).


  1. OK so I have had the day from hell - and that is the only thing that has made me laugh out loud - THANK YOU. I can so identify with that - I recently got half way through crocheting a hoody scarf thing and realised it wouldn't fit a blumin' Barbie.

    Thoughts on obese glove = well I think you either have to knit a GIANT cow to accompany udder, or the rest of the chicken.


  2. You could knit the other and give them to someone you don't really like for Christmas!
    How annoying after all that knitting, what will you reuse the wool for?

  3. Hmmm, could you felt it perhaps and turn it into a Christmas ornament?!!! At least you seem to be able to look on the funny side!

  4. Helen that is so funny! Obviously I mean your imagery not the glove!! Can't wait to see what you make with the wool x

  5. I know you don't like your glove, but I can't help being amazed at one being able to actually knit gloves, it's like wow! All I can knit is straight scrarves lol smiles, Virginie from vivibijoux.com

  6. Oh what a shame. If it's really cold you could wear them over a pair of cheap Tesco fleece gloves. I have always hankered after knitted gloves but I knit way too loose and have small hands so I know I'd be in the same place as you.

  7. you could always repurpose said red wool into a knitted loo roll cover. you don't think?!
    fun post which made me smile.
    like french knots suggestion too , hee hee.
    have a lovely day Helen x

  8. Murderin'

    Oh, I'm the only one actually casting a vote?

  9. Hmmmm - I could actually do with one of those (well two really) - they would come in handy for the turkey costume I have to make my boy for his christmas show! Would do for those red hangy bits the turkeys have (sorry don't know the technical term). I'm guessing you probably couldn't face knitting the 2nd one to go with it though.

  10. Hey! Welcome back!
    You're making me feel like I ought to come back too!

  11. I think you should have kept up a great british crafting tradition and used it as a toilet roll cover!

  12. oh this did make me laugh :o)



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