Monday, 28 March 2011

A patchwork week

It seems that I may be becoming a quilter. As anyone with a young family knows, day-to-day life is lived in pieces. It's all very well my being able to go a day without a proper meal just fuelling myself with the odd cup of tea and slice of cake or chocolate bar, but it is very much frowned upon if you don't feed your children. There's also the small matter of clothing them, getting them to school, settling babies down for naps (in an ideal world), and all that housework (ok, I'm lying about this one). Thus the day is broken down into little pre- and post- chunks - where windows of time and opportunity arise in between the necessary tasks for the day. I thought I didn't have any time to sew during the week, but as it turns out, if I'm in the right frame of mind and organise myself I can make a tiny quilt top in a week's worth of naptime sewing sessions!

I started out with the beautiful bundle of squares which I won from Florence in her blog giveaway last year, 16 4.5 inch squares from the Grandmother's Flower Garden range by Rosalie Quinlan. They'd been sitting in my to-sew pile for some time, and I periodically got them out to play with but had been hampered by indecision about how to use them. Then suddenly (maybe because it's Spring) I found myself in a yellow kind of mood and seized with the impulse to piece the squares together with this printed gingham from Tanya Whelan's Darla collection. I allowed myself just one day of procrastination as I rearranged the squares into their most pleasing configuration and then cracked on, and lo and behold, the baby sister slept for long enough that week for me to cut and piece a small quilt top.

playing with layouts


Rosalie Quinlan quilt top

Quilting is the ideal pursuit for anyone who has a fragmented day. Cutting, piecing, sashing, sandwiching, quilting and binding are all very satisfyingly methodical, and more importantly, they are tasks that can be picked up and put down when time allows. This week I shall be starting the process again with a little baby quilt for my friend's new baby girl. I've become oddly decisive in the wake of completing my thrown-together quilt top last week and plumped for these 5 fabrics from Saints and Pinners after only a small amount of deliberation. And you know what, I'm even going to cut into them tomorrow! Hopefully the end of the week will bring another completed quilt top, zig-zags this time (ticking off another outstanding to-sew from last year's list!).

And next week and the week after? ... I intend to apply the principles of patchwork to my unwritten patterns and get them done bit by bit. Then again, I should probably apply those principles to a bit of Spring cleaning around the house.


  1. cleaning. boo!!!
    Sew instead. Much more soothing :)
    Love the quilt top--bright and cheery pretty.

  2. You're so right about quilting being the perfect hobby for those with little ones. Beautiful fabric.

  3. it looks great, it does take a great deal of determination to keep sewing with the littlies around!

  4. Your quilt top is lovely! You are right, quilting does fit around a hectic schedule. You can make a block here and there quickly without having to set aside too much time or take up too much space.

  5. Lovely quilt top - just right for spring.

  6. Beautiful! A quilt is on my to-do list for this year.


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