Saturday, 5 March 2011

They make me laugh

I'm posting this just so that I don't forget how these two had me crying with laughter last weekend.

We'd just finished lunch when my daughter left the table and I noticed what she'd chosen to wear that day. Yes, my daughter had inadvertently dressed herself as a French mime artist. To say I couldn't stop laughing is an understatement - I must have laughed for about 20 minutes until I was in tears and took my husband down with me. The boy and girl had no idea what was going on, no more did the baby, but they all joined in laughing anyway.

I made her pose like this - they still haven't asked me why and I forgot to explain. No-one thought to ask why I laughed for so long.

The boy wanted in on the photo shoot, so grabbed his lego board and added a few bricks and asked to be photographed. Even more laughter - he's turned himself into the default flickr avatar (he was making a robot face). The thing which had me incapacitated again was him, posed like this, saying in all earnest 'tell me when to say cheese, mummy'.

I think maybe you had to be there.


  1. I think you're right - you had to be there, but having 3 of my own, I can just imagine, I think all children are priceless, my husband was telling a friend about the antics that go on in our house and he (the friend) said 'I think I may have made the wrong decision to be childfree'. Makes all those tantrums and strops bearable.

  2. :))))

    Children are the best!
    I used to have bouts of laugh with my children and now with grand children
    Thanks for sharing these sooooo good moments

  3. the thought of you laughing so hard and them having no idea why really made me laugh, along with your son and the lego board and the "cheese" comment - brilliant, anarchic, unpredictable fun. These are the moments to cherish.


    ps how oh how oh how did I miss the fact that you'd had yourself a new babe? self enforced absence from blogland I RUE you. Congratulations. What a lovely thing to find out so randomly today. You've made me very happy. And I hope you are very happy too. All 5 (!) of you XXX


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