Tuesday, 10 May 2011

AOB: A make a month in 2010

Phew. Day 2 of tying up those loose ends and I'm still here. I nearly forgot, but not quite! Thanks so much for the quilt appreciation, I really enjoyed working with a different colour scheme and definitely need some more orange in my life now.

So, remember back in January 2010, I had this bright idea, A Make a Month in 2010. I set up a flickr group and had a blog button and everything. Anticipating a bit of a setback in my creative output after the birth of my daughter in May, I thought this might keep me on the crafting straight and narrow; the guilt of keeping up with everyone else would surely keep me going! I even managed to keep it up until around June ... I am quite possibly the worst sewalong starter in the world. Thanks to Ruth for taking the reins when I was off snoozing, rocking and feeding! I have to say though, even though I fell behind in the blogging and flickr uploading, I was still with you all in spirit and managed, by the skin of my teeth to complete my 12 projects. It's been fun seeing everyone else's makes too.

Here's my finished mosaic of makes. If you click on the pic, you'll go to my flickr where you can see all the individual makes. Anyone else fancy sharing a mosaic of their 12 (total or favourite!) makes in 2010? You can link in the comments and upload to the group. I'm going to close the pool by the end of the month, so a bit more time for late finishers like me!

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  1. What a stunning mosaic! You did so tremendously well with such a tiny baby. I will try to rustle up a mosaic of my own - thanks for the prompt!


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