Saturday, 28 May 2011

Good things come in 2 ounce packages

scrap vomit

This last couple of weeks I've been driven by a new obsession - to reduce the two carrier bags full of fabric scraps I've been hoarding into 2.5" squares. Oh yes, bring on the scrap vomit. I loved the idea of this quilt ever since I saw Katy's post and mock up over at I'm a Ginger Monkey, and the finished quilt is beautiful. Then there's the name, of course, which seems to have inspired admiration and revulsion in equal measure, for me it's a complete winner; how could anyone not want to make a quilt called 'scrap vomit'?

There is something immensely satisfying about trimming down all those offcuts of fabric and being left with a towering, multi-coloured, pile of fabric squares. That's the beauty of scrap vomit, all those mismatched squares come together in a glorious riot of colour. If there's pleasure to be found in lining up those edges on the grid of my cutting mat and ruler edge and neatly cutting them to size, I'm even more delighted by the 100-square stacks I've been making. And, I discovered a stash of little ziplock bags, the perfect size to accommodate them, each package weighing in at around 2 ounces; the husband has been wildly amused by my bagging them and weighing them at the dining table!

scrap vomit

At 623 squares (and a full 342 - or 7 ounces - short of the 965 I'll be needing to complete even the lap-sized quilt, there's a danger I'll be compelled to reduce all my yardage to 2.5 inch squares, which is really defeating the scrap-busting point of this quilt.

Any one else scrap vomiting? There's a scrap vomit appreciation society group over on flickr, and the finished quilts are all looking gorgeous. I can't wait to get sewing now, once I've carved up the remaining squares.


  1. Oooh, I love the idea of using up all the tiny scraps! I am less in love with sewing them alll up, lol. Perhaps if I sewed the scrappy squares as I collected the scraps instead of sewing it all up in one big go...
    On the other hand, then the scraps wouldn't be evenly distributed and unwanted colour patterns might arise...
    Well, I am looking forward to seeing yours!

  2. Such a good idea - that's what I need to do - but 2.5in squares are so tiny - and when you say 965, I just can't imagine sewing them all together!

    Pomona x

  3. I didn't know about this, but I want to vomit now, lol :)
    i don't know if I'll have the patience for such tiny squares so I might make mine a bit larger - but I am excited to see my tub of "useless scraps" that are too big to throw away turn into a "glorious riot of color."

  4. I can never part with even the tiniest bit of scrap and am fairly hopeless about using them. But I don't think I have the dedication for one of these either, so the scraps will continue to sit in the plastic crate under the spare bed, where I'm sure they are breeding....

  5. The cutting wasn't actually too bad in the end, though it would have been considerably helped out by having a smaller ruler rather than the 24" by 6" one I was using - a little unwieldy with such tiny squares!

    Karin - I had the same thought as you, so decided against sewing as I went along. It's nice to have the whole lot cut now and awaiting my attention anyway!

    It remains to be seen how much patience I have for sewing 2.5inch squares ...

  6. lovely fabric you're got there and nicely organised


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