Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Start them young!

I really love seeing my children getting excited about making things. Over Easter they suddenly both had a burning desire to sew. The girl wanted to make a pretty lavender bag for the tooth fairy (she chose a fairy-flimsy Japanese gauze) and the boy wanted to make a little purse (Japanese car print fabric and precisely 5 blue buttons). They were very definite about their ideas and choices, and they were totally focused on their work.



It seems the whole stitching thing and a general appreciation of things handmade has been seeping in to them through some kind of osmosis for some time. Witness my 7 year old's homework over Easter: sentence 3 "I knitted a tea cosy". Atta girl!


Then I found some abandoned sheets of paper featuring her designs for purses:


You will need
gold (thin) t[h]re[a]d
Any lov[e]ly fab[r]ic
Flower lining
Any nice but[t]on


Got to love "Any nice fabric (not shown)"!

There was also my 5 year old's homework a little while back. He chose to draw his oldest teddy in her handknitted dress.

a 5 year old boy's homework, Jan 2011

Let's be honest here, the reason he chose Nee Nee was that she's white, so he thought he'd have less colouring in to do (ever the pragmatist!), but I did grin when I read his text:

This is my teddy bear
Her name is Nee Nee
I got her from my Grandad
My Great Nana knitted the dress
Sadly she isn't alive any more

We're building up quite an archive of the cute stuff! Gold stars all round!


  1. Well done Helen. You are breeding a little army of future crafts people - what a great thing :o)

  2. Ah bless them! There's a pair of crafters in the making if ever I saw some.

  3. I love that. I've always felt guilty for not doing more crafting with the kids, but they still seem to have picked up a love for it.

    "Sadly she isn't alive any more" is a lot nicer than the way my 5 year old used to put it - she kept referring to her much beloved great-grandma as 'the dead grandma'.

  4. Oh, this post just made me grin form ear to ear - your kids are so cute Helen, and obviously following in their Mum's footsteps!
    "fabric not shown" made me chuckle, very precise :)

  5. This is too lovely. That poor knight, with his hurting knuckles and knee.


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