Sunday, 15 May 2011


It seems I picked a bad week to blog daily, as blogger had a bit of a wobble and went into read-only as well as deleting various posts and comments. Though the venture was probably doomed to failure, it's nice to be able to blame the technology instead of myself for a change.

So let's draw a line under last week. Back to today. It's been a busy Sunday, as Sundays always seem to be. It started with a frantic tidy-up ready for a house viewing. A house viewing where I managed to speak Welsh with the viewer (there's a lot of us ex-pats up and down the Thames valley). I also distinguished myself by saying 'this is the front door' after coming back through the house from the garden. It was as if I thought he might have become disorientated having walked through the whole house. Let's be clear, we haven't got a West wing or anything, we live in a very compact house (I mean, err, very spacious, light and airy blah blah). I managed to giggle only slightly before regaining estate agent-like composure.

boy hair cut

Today I also cut a small boy's hair (the resident small boy, not a random small boy from the street) and the husband's hair. I upset the small boy by using a wet comb on his head and unnerved the husband by laughing most of the way through his, but they both seem to have come through unscathed.

avant garde baby dinner

This afternoon, I defrosted some ice-cubed portions of food I had made up for the baby. I thought she was getting pasta bolognese with a side order of sweet potato, which was maybe ever-so-slightly not masterchef. It transpired she was getting pasta bolognese with a side order of cod and sweet potato: definitely not masterchef.

bread surgery

This evening I performed bread surgery, making incisions in 3cm thick slices to make Bill's ham and gruyère French toast. It was very very good. A bit radical serving a breakfast dish for dinner, but I'm nothing if not radical (witness the bolognese and sweet potato with cod).

Tonight I ignored the ironing pile for so long that the husband is now working his way through it as I type.

Hope you had a good weekend.


  1. Your husband is brave, I think mine would run at the suggestion! Love the sound of Bill's Ham and Gruyere toast too.

  2. There are scarier things to utter when cutting your husband's hair - like, "oops"....

    (the clippers attachment had fallen off without my noticing - luckily I had started at the back and not on top. It did end up being a shorter cut than normal. They might have put a Marines sticker on his locker at work...)

  3. Loving the random cube dinner! Ah, those were the days.

    The ironing basket is full here too. Always.


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