Saturday, 18 June 2011

Multi-coloured block shop

My workspace (because it sounds grander than 'the desk in my bedroom') is being overtaken by glorious colour. I now have 8 scrap vomit blocks completed and another 4 blocks' worth of string-pieced strips for the remaining 'A' blocks. Then there's the little baby boy quilt which started making itself last week on a whim.

baby boy quilt

As much as I'm trying to pare everything down and keep the house as tidy as possible for viewings, I'm not hiding these completed blocks out of sight because they make me happy when I see them. Partly because it's satisfying to see the 'completed' pile grow, but also because we're living in a completely abnormal way at the moment, with all our clutter hidden from view, so it's nice to have a bit of chaos creeping in!

scrap vomit blocks on a rainy day

scrap vomit blockage

I have, however, stopped short of leaving them laid out on the dining table for the delight of potential viewers -- yes, I'll buy the house immediately, but only if you throw in that beautiful patchwork! --
no, probably not going to happen.

Oh, and thanks to all you enablers who commented on my last post, and a twitter exchange with Kate from M is for Make, I've taken my Japanese 'Dress and Camisole' book down from the shelf and traced out a pattern for a pretty - but, crucially, simple - top.


  1. maybe you should leave it out, you never know! Hope the sale goes smoothly and quickly for you. x

  2. it's really coming along fabulously - so much yummy colour!

  3. It looks wonderful, who wouldn't be tempted by it?!

  4. Wow, that is spectacular - it's going to be a serious heirloom. All best of luck for a smooth sale.

  5. It looks fantastic! Why has no-one managed to get jam on it though?


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