Monday, 24 October 2011


My new sewing space; welcoming, huh?
I see this as symbolic of my mental state after the fun of moving house.

Goodness this blog has been neglected lately! And it feels a bit now or never coming back to it. To be honest, the more time has passed, the more I've felt like letting it die a quiet death. I'd been feeling a bit boggled and blah about the whole thing, and then a few days ago happened upon a lovely email in my inbox which really touched me and made me miss all the things I love about blogging.

It's been a long-haul few months. Around a week after my last post we sold our house to a buyer who wanted us out just over three weeks later, which didn't leave much time for blogging, taking stock, or even packing. I did briefly consider just taping myself up into a box marked 'fragile' and hiding when faced with the task of packing up an entire house with just a 13-month old to help. But somehow it happened, our stuff went into storage and after a short spell camping at my parents' house (whose patience must be limitless to have put up with us and our three children as well as a good deal of our clobber for several weeks), we moved in to our new home. Some headaches along the way, not least finding our children had been allocated two different schools, around 1 mile to the first, then 2.5 miles on to drop off the next in 10 minutes time with some crippling hills in between ... I mean, I like walking, but I can't fly. Thankfully we've finally sorted that one, and after a busy couple of months unpacking and decorating, along with parenting (which has slowed down the first two), I'm finally turning around, taking stock and thinking about blogging again.

We're loving our new life in Monmouthshire, although missing the friends we've left behind. The countryside around here is beautiful, our new home town has its very own castle, and we have a fabulous view of the Severn bridge as we walk to school. Oh yes, we've gone over to the other side (that's to say the Welsh side, and back to the homeland for me). The house is great, with so much more scope for swinging cats. And guess what, there's even a sewing room for me. My husband is intent on calling it a 'study' for some reason, but he'll soon learn that I don't really intend this to be shared space.

This week marks me finally unpacking the sewing machine, and some actual stitches sewn. I feel 100 times better about most things when I'm making stuff, and I've felt positively joyous this week stitching in the ditch and handsewing the binding onto a baby quilt for my new nephew. Now to try and keep up the momentum.

See you on the ice.
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