Monday, 19 December 2011

Winter jaunts

I genuinely can't believe that I had comments on my last post - I really thought I'd be posting into an echoey void! It's a lovely reminder of why the internet is such a great place; I have so many friends through blogging that I might never otherwise have met.

So it's the week before Christmas, and we've just had a 6th birthday for a small boy. A small boy who, with a week's notice, decided it was imperative he had a party rather than a family outing to Big Pit as he'd planned. I must admit, I was a little relieved about big pit. I'm fine with heights, but give me an enclosed space, or maybe a coal face 90 metres down a mine shaft, and I'm not at my happiest. And anyway, I've been before, on a lovely school trip and feel one 'real underground experience' in a lifetime is probably enough. Ask Joanne, I couldn't even go in the giant badger sett in Kew Gardens, I'm really a total wimp.

I prefer to do my sightseeing strictly above ground, and goodness knows there are some lovely places right on our doorstep in Monmouthshire. You can't walk a few feet without tripping over an ancient monument or recognising a backdrop from Merlin, hence Monmouthshire's boast of having more castles per square mile than anywhere else in Britain.

Tintern Abbey
Raglan Castle

And the children are partial to a bit of history and a rampage around a ruin too, hence their hilarious comments in the visitors' book at Raglan Castle on our latest visit:

Raglan Castle

The girl, 8, writes: 'Beautiful views and outstanding history'
The boy, 5, writes: '2000 times better than an ordinary human house'.

Now that's what I call value for money.


  1. I love Tintern Abbey, drove past it on Saturday on my way home. Had no idea Merlin was filmed in Monmouthshire either, my monster loves watching Merlin.

  2. ps great to see you back, Merry Christmas!


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