Thursday, 12 April 2012

Lemon meringue pie

Lemon meringue pie

I've got this stand mixer, a Kenwood chef. I've had it for nearly a year now and I can't say that I've really put it through its paces. It was a birthday gift which I received just as we were putting our house on the market last year, and so it was almost immediately packed away again. There was no time (or space in our tiny kitchen) for baking (with or without machinery) in between yelling at children to stop making dents in the just-plumped cushions and sweeping the floor eleventy-billion times a day in readiness for viewings.

One of the reasons I really really needed a mixer is for meringue. I have really fond memories of making lemon meringue pie with one of those packet mixes as a child, where you get the little lemon capsule that whizzes around the pan until it's stirred in. Magic. Meringue also happens to be one of my husband's very favourite things to eat in the world, but only homemade, soft-in-the-middle meringue. This may well be one of the reasons he bought the mixer.

I've been saying I'm going to make a lemon meringue pie every weekend now for around 3 months (I've been buying a lot of lemons), so today, having lured my parents over for dinner and with an eight-year-old assistant at my side, we finally broke out the mixer. We used a recipe by Angela Nilsen for The Ultimate Lemon Meringue pie. It really is the Ultimate Lemon Meringue Pie, just read the comments. The meringue was rated top-class by the husband, just coloured on the top but soft inside, the lemon curd was not too set-your-teeth-on-edge sharp, but perfectly balanced with the addition of the juice of an orange. The sweet pastry case too was a big success. Even though I didn't rest it at all, and just whacked it in the over minus the beans and baking paper rather than properly blind-baking, it didn't shrink at all, and had a lovely texture.

I made everyone sit round the table watching it whilst I ran off with a slice to photograph. I think my husband gets slightly concerned for my mental health when I'm not photographing random day to day things.

I definitely need to expand my stand-mixer repertoire. Anyone got any must-cook recipes to share?


  1. mmmmmmmm that looks delicious!!!!

  2. oh my. must not let my husband see. he bought me a lovely mixer, and it hasn't ever made a lmp *. although it does make a lot of pavlovas, and the best mashed potato in the whole wide world. *I made a lmp when we first moved intogether, and the lemon hadn't set. which was a Big problem as I'd done it in a spring form tin, not in a pie dish, and the runny lemon filling poured off the plate and onto the floor.........

  3. Definitely recommend this recipe - it was fab! Must try pavlova, another favourite of the husband. And it never even occurred to me to try mash (my favourite!).


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