Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Half a decade - giveaway anyone?

 This week marks my five-year blog anniversary. It was only when Tess posted about her own five year anniversary, and then Lina too, that I took stock and did a bit of mental maths (2012-2007= 5 years) and worked out that I'd clocked up half a decade without even noticing. Quite terrifying.

A lot has happened in that five years.

Isle of Wight 2012 193

My gruesome twosome has become a threesome. My dinky four and almost-two year old are now a nine and almost-seven year old, with a little baby sister of two-and-a-bit trailing after them and ordering them around. There have been many chocolate smartie birthday cakes, interspersed with the odd over-ambitious effort.

We have moved - from Burnham, Slough (right on the Buckinghamshire/Berkshire border) to Chepstow in my native Wales. Still within a stone's throw of England though (well, not for me as I'm more of a stitcher than a thrower but I could put the husband on to it).

I have clocked up more than 200 sales over on Etsy.

5 years of blogging

I have made a lot of stuff.

06/07/2011 moving chaos

I have bought a lot of fabric (as was abundantly clear when the day came to send our things into storage for the big move West ... a whole 3 tea-chests full of my things even after a ruthless clearout!).

I have had a couple of large blogging hiatuses (when morning sickness and new baby exhaustion meant I just couldn't summon up the energy). But I missed it. And blogging definitely makes me a saner person, probably because it feels like I'm actually accomplishing something as the weeks go whizzing by. And so I came back.  

I have noticed more, and am really happy that I have a record of some of the little things that I might otherwise have forgotten. I mean, I can barely remember what happened last week, so the blog is a genuinely useful aide-memoire

I've made some really really good friends.
Which really is the best reason for blogging.

And so I wondered if anyone who is (still) reading would be interested in winning one of my make up bags, coin purses or pencil cases. If so, please leave a comment below. I'd love to hear about your crafting mishaps after Annie's comment on my last post set me thinking about the injuries I've sustained over the years.  To start the ball rolling, my own funniest mishap was an injury I sustained whilst at school when I fell off a chair and impaled myself on a knitting machine when putting boxes of fabric away on the top shelf of the textiles cupboard. I ended up with a row of 8 neat holes just under my knee and have a lovely big scar to show for it a full 20 years later.  It doesn't have to be an injury, any kind of crafting gone wrong will do, and if you are a blessed soul who has never had any kind of crafting mishap, then you can just leave a comment telling me what you had for dinner if you like. I'll choose a winner at the end of the month with the good old random number selector.


  1. Happy anniversary! I'm having trouble believing that your baby is over 2 already!

    Crafting mishaps...there have been so many! This one isn't technically crafty, but I was sewing when it happened, so I'm going to use it anyway. DH accidentally got himself locked in the chicken coop last night, after dark, flat batteries in the flashlight and no phone in his pocket. I tried not to laugh about it, I really did!

  2. happy blogiversary! I've done that thing where you quilt your clothes into the quilt, but other than that my mishaps have been all kitchen related. And I think I need a blog to tell me what I had for dinner last night - I can't remember!

  3. Happy blogiversary. Yes, it's strange how it all becomes part of life. A little bit of continuity. Hers to many more years!
    Not to many mishaps from me other than on my second day at a new school I broke someone's finger in a PE lesson. She forgave me and I never got picked on even through I was new.

  4. Mine is with baking, I decided to make some lovely pink icing for some cupcakes and when I went to pipe it the bag burst and the icing went EVERYWHERE. I just burst out crying at the thought of having to start again. But I was okay once I started eating the mess with hubby! haha


  5. Congratulations on your 5th blogiversary! Mishaps - I've had a few. They tend to be forgotten very quickly, otherwise I cry all over again.

  6. I'm glad you are still blogging away, I love reading your posts. My crafting mishaps are many and varied (zips in backwards, clothes sewed/cut under fabric) but the most painful one was unsticking my fingers after inadvertently adhering them with superglue. Don't ask!

  7. Congratulations on five years... I can't believe that I've made it past five months! And what a lovely giveaway to celebrate. My making mishaps are the common sort, though not resulting in physical pain, but due to late night making resulting in items of the wrong sizes as my little boy is fast asleep in bed!

  8. Congratulations!
    Luckily my craft mishaps have involved fabric etc not body parts!!!

  9. Congratulations on the 5 years - you started me thinking and sure enough, I went back to check and it looks like I missed my 5 year anniversary a couple of months ago. Where has the time gone?

    Hmmm, mishaps? Well, I managed to sew some embroidery onto my trousers, only realising when I got up to answer a knock at the door. That had the greatest potential for embarassment.

    My favourite injury remedy, though, was curing a burn from the iron by sellotaping a frozen broccoli stalk to my burnt digit: that way I could continue sewing AND it didn't blister. To think that I had previously wasted all those sewing minutes holding burns under the cold tap! Hmm, maybe I should be working on improving my ironing technique.

  10. happy bloggy birthday Helen! how the years have flown! xxx
    I knelt on my pin cushion once, ouch that hurt....

  11. Happy blogging birthday! I'm doing my own maths now, and oooh - I think I missed my five years!

    I sliced into my thumb with the rotary cutter the other week. Good grief, but thumbs can bleed.

  12. Happy bloggy birthday! Am a newbie to sewing so more mishaps than successes so far! Attempted to make hubby a pair of boxers... first pair he couldn´t get past his knees.....second pair perfect until i cut the final thread and my scissors slipped and I cut a bl==dy big hole in them!!!!!

  13. Hi Helen, just discovered your blog via Brit Bee on Flickr. I live not far away from you in Wales and am addicted to patchwork and quilting and all things crafty. I've had numerous sewing disasters mostly involving slicing a hole in something that has taken hours to make.Carol

  14. Happy Blogiversary! I have managed to get a rather nasty bruise on my forehead when i was leaning too close over my sewing machine, and the arm that moves up and down when you're sewing whacked me in the forehead- that was quite painful, but rather embarassing!! Ange : )

  15. Happy 5 year bloggiversary!
    My usual mishap is the one most of us know- ripping fabric with the stitch ripper instead of the seam, don't tell me you never did this one!

  16. Well done 5 year's. 2012 is the year I am trying to master zip purses but have put the fabric the wrong way few times.

  17. I managed to glue my hair in clumps while trying to make Christmas cards a few years back!


  18. Congrats on the 5 years and the 200 sales. I visited your etsy and this one is what I like. http://www.etsy.com/listing/20753343/bamboo-handled-bag-in-japanese-ume

  19. Just catching up with your blog - I'd seen the wallet post, and had no idea that was from 2009!! I used to live in Burnham too, from '94 to '03 - small world, isn't it?! Anyway, crafting mishap has to be the strange shape the top of my left index finger now has after I've sliced it with the rotary cutter so many times, it's almost coming to a point! Or there's the two years spent making a quilt for my mum, only to find I'd stabbed my finger while hand quilting and smeared blood all over one of the white blocks.... which didn't properly come out! I told her it proved I had shed blood sweat and tears in the making of it.... and then took the quilt apart and replaced the block :-)

  20. It's funny how the years slip by, we know all sorts of things about each others lives and share the small, everyday important things as well as the major ones.
    I am rather cack handed so don't use a rotary cutter very often as I can't spare any of my fingers.Most mistakes are tiredness related, I stitched a hot water bottle cover together the wrong way three times last year and flinging it across the room in a fury didn't help at all.

  21. Happy Anniversary! I have a rotary cutter and self healing mat (how do they work?!) but have never, ever got to grips with it - I don't know if it's my technique or a bad cutter! I cut all my shapes out by hand I did once slice the corner of my middle finger knuckle with the sewing scissors, leaving a perfect hole...

  22. HI-just made your little bird ornment in red. Thanks

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