Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snow patrol

snow patroller snow patroller snow patroller
My little team of arctic explorers, ready for anything.

Normal service has been interrupted this last week with heavy snowfall across South Wales and, naturally, we had to take full advantage of all the sledging and snowman-building opportunities this afforded ... in spite of the looming tax return deadline ... and a rather large work deadline for me.

Snow takes precedence. 

We had great fun, drank vast quantities of hot chocolate, and dusted off the hot water bottles for extra cosiness at children's bedtimes. I'm more than a little disappointed that the children's school only had one snow day, but I must admit to having enjoyed trudging a mile through the snow with the elders, dragging the small one on a sledge - it certainly adds novelty to the school run!


  1. A weather forecasting friend tells me there is the possibility of more snow in mid February, so maybe you'll get another bash at a snow day :)

    Thanks for the get well wishes.

  2. I love the heading! I feel like we were completely on patrol leading up to the snow - every weather forecast would be analysed...I do miss it a little. Wonder if that's it now and our luck is up. I guess that means Spring is not very far off and that's just as lovely too.

    Nina x

  3. So sweet. When we arrived in Vancouver it snowed heavily and I walked the children to school. It took us ages because they loved it so much. I can totally relate to your post.
    Thanks for your lovely comments by the way, much appreciated. x


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