Sunday, 17 November 2013

China blue: Stash Sunday

As much as I love red, I've been dreaming about making a quilt for my bedroom from pretty blues and whites for ages now (sorry, Red). I've got this idea in my head, something along the lines of Wedgewood china or Willow pattern plates.

China blue fabrics
I really want to do something as platey as possible (in case you're wondering, 'platey' is definitely a word). Dresden plates spring to mind, of course, though Swoon is also in the running due to its plateyness (also a word).

The fabrics are mostly from the Chambray Rose collection by Rachel Ashwell for Shabby Chic fabrics (it's rare for me to buy so many prints from the same collection like this), with the exception of the top right Liberty Lifestyle print and bottom right which is from the Tempting Tonals range by Fabric Freedom, and which just so happens to be a willow pattern print.  

Any suggestions for expanding my selection of blues? I'm looking for dainty prints and small scale designs and not modern or stylised geometrics, and I'm always grateful for an excuse to expand my stash! 


  1. what a wonderful idea, maybe a little toile print - in the line of burleigh pottery style?

  2. Hmmm... I think there may be some blues in the cabbages and roses anthill collection for moda. Look forward to seeing more of the quilt - the colours are beautifully gentle


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