Saturday, 7 June 2014

Anyone for lemon tart?

My children have developed an obsession with lemon tart. Even the boy, who considers most other desserts and cakes to be frankly inedible. I have been in search of a good recipe for lemon tart for a while, but was finally spurred into baking by a surfeit of lemons in the fruit bowl and a small unopened tub of crème fraiche in the fridge nearing its use by date. It's surprisingly hard to find a recipe for lemon tart that doesn't involve real cream (something which we never have in the fridge as none of us like it), but as ever, the BBC Good Food site came up trumps, with this recipe for The ultimate makeover: lemon tart, which purports to be both low fat and delicious.

Lemon tart
short-lived lemon tart
The only change I made to the recipe was to make the sweet shortcrust pastry by rubbing 60g of unsalted butter into 140g of flour, stirring through the 1tbsp of icing sugar, then binding together with the leftover egg yolk (from the filling) and a bit of cold water. Otherwise I followed the recipe as on the website.

Mine doesn't look as immaculate as the one on the website, but it was speedily demolished by the children, which is as good a vote of confidence as any; they're pretty particular when it comes to their lemon tarts.

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