Thursday, 12 March 2015

Costume drama

world book day

Here at Definitely 100% Historically Accurate Costumes R Us, we play fast and loose with terms like 'historical' and 'accurate', and sometimes even 'costumes' is putting it a bit generously. Where there is a fudge to be made, we shall fudge all the way. This year's world book day event at school had the theme 'A Right Royal Read', so we came up with princess Tiger Lily from Peter Pan (or Pocahontas, according to eldest, as apparently no-one knows who Tiger Lily is), King Arthur, and the Princess and the Frog.

The fancy dress box was duly raided for one Native American-style tunic, a golden cloak made for an erstwhile Wise Man, and a Disney princess frock (sorry, world book day, but life is too short to speed-sew a new non-Disney dress at the eleventh hour, but I did trim off the sleeping beauty cameo).

King Arthur's costume required the most work, with a tunic stitched from blue sheeting and a shield cut from mounting board, each emblazoned with the three crowns of Arthur's coat of arms. A strictly authentic medieavlish crown was cut from gold card, and my old girl guide belt held his wooden dagger at his waist (I ran out of time to make Excalibur, but you can't [can] feel guilty about everything!).

Youngest's frock was of course prĂȘt-a-porter, and the toy box provided us with a much-loved velvet frog, however I did have to illegally break down an Easter egg to its component parts in order to get the correct coloured foil to make the princess's golden ball. The little princess needed quite some persuasion to take her frog and golden ball to school with her as 'I'm not allowed to take toys to school'!

Tiger Lily carried a bow and quiver of arrows purchased from the castle gift shop by her brother on a recent school trip, and her hair in long bunches braided with leather thonging did a lot of the work. A crazy flash of inspiration saw me quite literally cobbling together the finishing touch, by hand-sewing some handmade fringing to an old pair of suede boots.

world book day

And the final tally?
  • Costumes: 3
  • Bleeding fingers: 2
  • Shields stuck to the living room carpet with PVA glue: 1
  • Golden balls dropped out of the car door, down a grass verge and onto a muddy field: 1

World book day

And so it's all over and done with again for another year. As much as I always leave it till the very last minute, I really do love getting them all garbed in fancy dress. Such fun!
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