Friday, 16 November 2007

at home

Had a couple of days at home at the end of this week - my daughter's been off school with a nasty cough and my son has had a tummy upset. Poor things haven't been themselves at all, so we haven't ventured far. Hoping they'll wake up tomorrow feeling a lot better so that we can have a nice weekend and get out and about.

Much excitement yesterday as I received an email from my Holiday Traditions swap partner, Sherry. We've exchanged a couple of emails and now I'm starting to think about what to send. I love Christmas, so this swap is going to be really good fun!

Despite being nurse to two sickly children, I've managed to get a bit of sewing done - three little coin purses and a wristlet for my shop. I'd planned to sew all four on Weds eve after the children went to bed, but my luck ran out after finishing the wristlet as one thing after another went wrong. I finally gave up after a long session with the seam ripper. I did have a brief 'elves and the shoemaker' moment as I laid out the pile of fabric pieces I'd cut out before going to bed. No little helpers turned up though!

This morning things were going a lot more smoothly, so I've got something to show for my time in front of the machine.

We had a lovely bit of mother and daughter time when my little boy was asleep. I made the purses, and my little girl made this:

she has big ideas for trims to add to it!

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