Monday, 26 November 2007

Back in the land of the living

The last week seems to have gone by without me even realising - blinked and missed it in a haze of sleepless nights! Luckily everyone is now well, so normal service has been resumed. After school today, my daughter and I had a little baking session - very aptly made 'easy peasy cupcakes' from this book, which she had for her birthday last year and has been well-used, and an apple and plum crumble (yet to be tasted as I'm holding out for the children to actually eat more than a mouthful of their tea first!).I think I'll be finding hundreds and thousands on the kitchen floor for weeks to come!

I've been back to handsewing felt Christmas decorations for the past few nights. It's really exciting to see some of them in the UK Street Team's Etsy shop in promotional Christmas themed packs. The whole thing was organised by Pouch and c-urchin, two UK Etsy Sellers (blogged by Pouch here) . I really hope they sell well - I'm tempted myself having seen some of the lovely goodies made by other sellers.

More sewing tonight - my first foray into working with oilcloth. I'm wondering whether my walking foot might work as I don't have a teflon foot for my machine. Otherwise, I'll just have to sacrifice some of the tissue paper in my wrapping stash. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Hi Helen, I'll Flickr mail you to sort out emailing you the promo packs image. Nicola @ Pouch


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