Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Crafting inertia

A post without pictures as I don't seem to have managed to accomplish much today. I have played endlessly with my fabric from u-handbag, arranged and rearranged, but really I need to buy a zip if I'm going to make the bag I had in mind, so I've had to put that to one side till tomorrow.

I've unearthed my pile of little bits of dolls' clothes knitting and am trying to summon up the energy to do something with it. I'm just in a bit of a crafting impasse ... So I have high hopes for tomorrow's project on Sew Mama Sew's 'Handmade Holidays: 30 days of gifts to sew' - Nov 8 is 'whimsy', which sounds really appealling!

Off to knit for the moment, till bag-making inspiration stikes.

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