Monday, 5 November 2007

Day trip to London and finished objects

A nice weekend - my sister and mother came to visit, which was lovely. We then went into London the following day and visited the London Aquarium with the children, which was a fantastic day out. My little boy slept through the first half, but it was worth it just to see the look on his face when he came round in front of a tank of manta rays! The children were so taken with all the sea life, especially the tiny jellyfish, a spiky anemone with black spines and, of course, the sharks.

I've scavenged a bit of time here and there for crafting. I made my first bib, which I'd cut out the fabric for a little while ago. I used my own pattern but the method came from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing, which I bought a little while ago. It's full of really simple projects which are beautifully presented with some good corner-cutting along the way! Normally, I'd just cut a pattern complete with seam allowance, but cutting out the fabric roughly round the sewing line on the reverse made sewing this really quick and easy. I finished the bib with a pearl snap and I really love this combination of fabrics from the Urban Chiks Summer in the City range

bib front view

bib back

I also finished off this little coin purse, a custom order for my friend. I've had so much support from friends and family with purchases from my shop, which has been fantastic.

This has been by far the most popular fabric in my shop. I'd really like to get hold of more, but it's sold out from the shop where I originally purchased it and I just can't track it down.


  1. Oh I love making coin purses - they're cute and practical. Perfect! I love that fabric too so it's a real shame you can't get any more :)

  2. oh yes, what gorgeous fabric. There's just something about matryoshka isn't there?

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today - no, small children and haberdashery don't mix do they...the loud moaning of 'not again' from my offspring, whenever I started opening the door to my local fabric shop, became so embarrassing that I have now had to save those visits for nursery mornings!

    florence x


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