Monday, 14 January 2008

Goodbye Slapdash Annie

I've made a belated New Year's resolution ... to be a more methodical crafter. No more chaotic fabric stash. A place for everything and everything in it's place ... for a while anyway! Whenever I start a project, a vital item seems to be missing - the pretty buttons, the right colour ric-rac, you name it. As I type this, I am wondering why I've never thought to buy an extra measuring tape as this is the most often lost item of equipment, partly due to the fact that my children love rampaging around with it!

The cutting mat, cutter and big plastic ruler I got for Christmas should, I hope, help me on the way with this resolution. I was cutting out a bag today, and was really struck by how all the interfacing pieces and lining matched exactly with the exterior pieces - yay for the rotary cutter! Normally I end up doing a lot of trimming after the initial cutting-with-scissors-on-the-bedroom-floor method. (I expect my husband will be pleased too, as there will be a lot less stray threads sticking to his socks!) I also love the idea of making several of an item at once. Not totally identical pieces - that would really take the fun out of sewing for me - but say 4 coin purses in different fabrics. There's something very satisfying about ending up with a neat stack of items at the end of a sewing session!

As for slapdash Annie, I'm beginning to wonder whether this is a piece of family slang, as I can't find a definition for the phrase. I'm not even sure why Annie in particular is singled out for her slapdashedness ... I'll have to do some more research on that one.


  1. Oh, you do always use the most lovely fabrics - your stash must look amazing!

  2. The holy trinity! Gosh they do make like much much easier don't they?

    My mum used to call me 'slack Alice', for much the same reasons, and I've never heard it anywhere else either. Bizarre that both start with the same letters though.

  3. hey hey - what's with the Annie discriminations here??? I won't take it too much to heart, I promise ;-)

    I'm on a mission of reorganisation too...good luck with yours

  4. Thanks, florence! I do tend to hoard fabrics - it's so hard to cut into all those beautiful prints!

    Jo - 'slack alice' sounds like 'slapdash annie's sister.

    annieb - apologies for the discrimination! My grandmother was called 'Annie', so maybe that's where it came from. Hope your tidy-up goes well :)


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