Sunday, 20 January 2008

Sleep-deprived sewing weekend

I'm going to stop telling people that I'm hoping for a couple of nights of unbroken sleep, as every time I do it triggers a week of sleepless nights! This week there have been colds, ear infections, a mysterious itchy rash and now conjunctivitis. The children fare quite well on it as they take it in turns to wake up each night! And somehow, it seems to make them more energetic by day, which puzzles me. I can only think that they are somehow feeding off my energy reserves. I'm sitting here with the proverbial matchsticks propping my eyes open. An early night tonight, I think!

There's been a bit of weekend crafting. I finished my so-called 'not-so-slouchy hobo bag'

I love the look of satin ribbon against more textured fabrics.

I've also had the teal velveteen out (I only bought a metre and it seems to have gone a long way! There's still a little bit left after a wristlet, hobo bag, shoulder bag and this latest creation).

These are my new dark wood handles, which are just lovely. I chose the ribbon colour to tie in with the colour of the wood, though you can't really see that from the picture. Still a bit of tinkering to be done on this one before it's finished, but I'm pleased with how it's turned out. I'll post pics of the finished bag tomorrow if I manage to finish it in daylight!


  1. I really love that teal and chocolate bag - gorgeous colours! and the contrast between the tweedy and the satin ribbon on the hobo bag is great. Lovely. Hope the kids start sleeping soon

  2. Love the teal bag, delicious colour combination.
    I think you are right, our children suck the energy out of us -good job we love the little darlings! Hope they are soon on the mend and sleeping well.

  3. love the bags, they are really gorgeous, the colours are fantastic. hope the children are better soon, and give you a little more sleep. x

  4. Thank you, annieb, french knots and driftwood, for the bag appeciation and the good wishes for the children!
    Hoping for an illness free household soon! ... and a bit of sleep wouldn't hurt either!

  5. I love the big drapey bow on the teal & chocolate bag - it's gorgeous. I have no idea how you managed to get all that done with such a plethora of illnesses besieging you! Poor you! Wishes for sleep and calm. x


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