Thursday, 10 January 2008

Ottobre has arrived!

I'm so excited! My first issue of Ottobre Kids Fashion arrived today, a Christmas gift from my mother in law. I'd been thinking of subscribing for ages having looked at some of the patterns from back issues online.

so many patterns!!

It really doesn't disappoint at all! Full of lovely patterns that I'll make up for my 4 year old daughter and my 2 year old son. Normally I find it difficult to find patterns for boys' clothes that don't look too handmade. These are full of those little details that make the clothes look up to date and not homespun - knee panels, zip flies, etc. They also avoid the 'gangster rapper' style typical of a lot of clothes for toddler boys in the shops at the moment, with cute appliques and bright fabrics.

The girls' clothes are very cute too. I love this blouse - probably a bit fiddly, but so pretty!

This might well be my first project from the book as I've got some dotty white cotton lawn that would be perfect for it. Now I just need to do a bit of online shopping for fabrics to make the other projects I had my eye on ...


  1. There look to be some really gorgeous clothes in there! Have fun with it,

  2. Thanks, Mel. I will post pictures of anything I make here! The instructions look nice and clear. So far so good!

  3. That girls' top is sweet..I am seeing a cute little twilry skirt with it. GL!

  4. Good idea, kellie! you can't go wrong with a twirly skirt.


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