Monday, 21 January 2008

While he sleeps ...

Thank you for your good wishes in the comments to my last post. It seems to have worked - I'm just bagging a few minutes on the computer while my little boy sleeps (hooray!) and my little girl is busy colouring. I did the final bits of stitching on the bag with the wooden handles from my last post this morning while the children were busy pretending to be Mary and Joseph! Just the plastic canvas bottom to secure in place, the magnetic snap and slipstitching the lining closed. The plastic canvas definitely gives bags like this a bit more shape and structure.

I'm also really pleased with the ribbon detail at the top of the bag. The basic bag shape I'd planned just didn't seem to fit the fabric choice - it was a bit to gapey at the top, and I felt that the velveteen just needed a bit more shape than that. So, back to the sewing machine after a quick trip into Windsor to buy some ribbon yesterday. I came up with the idea of attaching the ribbon to the sides of the bag, inside and on the side seam, then machine stitched a couple of buttonholes on the front of the bag so the ribbon could be drawn through to cinch the bag in a bit at the top. It seemed to transform it from being a bit shapeless (in spite of several layers of interfacing) to looking a bit smarter.

The interior is made with this damask print by Moda, from U-handbag and has a zipped pocket.

The sewing machine is still out on my dining table (an attractive decorative detail for any home!). I'm thinking I might just cut out some fabric for that blouse from Ottobre this evening and make a start, children permitting!


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