Sunday, 10 February 2008

Chinese New Year in London

We had a family day out to London today - me, my husband and the two children, meeting up with my sister and her boyfriend to watch the Chinese New Year parade. Another day of glorious sunshine and blue skies, which was perfect for just meandering through the streets.

The children were totally excited by the trip in on the train, and the tube journey to Leicester Square. My husband and I didn't see much of the parade as there were so many people watching, but the children, up on our shoulders, talked us through it. The highlights for them were a waving panda and, of course, the chinese dragons.

Chinatown was just lovely - festooned with lanterns. We had a fantastic lunch with lots of dishes to share - crispy duck with pancakes, shredded chilli beef, chicken with cashews, char sui and Szechuan noodles. Yum :D I probably won't need to eat for the rest of the week.

Unfortunately, the streets round Leicester square were shut due to congestion, so we missed the main fireworks display, but the noise was phenomenal. This was the moment my little boy took to fall asleep in my arms!

We came back with little paper lanterns and concertina Chinese dragons, which the children have played with non-stop, so I'm sure we'll have a few diy parades for the coming week. The whole trip was because my little girl had been so excited to learn about Chinese New Year at school last week, so she was really thrilled with her day out. It was so nice to do something all together for a change too, as we seem to fritter away our time at weekends with household tasks and trips to the supermarket.

Only one more week to go now before half term. I seem to have a different perspective on this to a lot of the mums I know as my husband is a teacher, so half term means not just time off school for the children but an extra pair of hands to help look after them, and maybe a bit of crafting time for me :)


  1. What a great trip! I am with you on the 'frittering away the weekends with trips to the Supermarket'. We do exactly the same and I SO want to stop it.

  2. Wow - I'm so gutted to have missed this, it sounds wonderful - and I know my children would have loved it - particularly the duck pancakes! Good on you for having such a lovely family weekend too.

  3. China town looked colourful, I love the lanterns so much and yummy food too! Do hope you get a few hours to your self next week for some creative fun too.

  4. what a fabulous day for the kids. I have vivid childhood memories of the dragon dances, lanterns, and fire crackers. That's when it was at it's most exciting and enchanting.

  5. Thanks for your comments, everyone. We had such a good day out, I'm determined to make more of an effort to do something interesting on the weekends! The children got so much out of the day.


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