Monday, 25 February 2008

Day trip to London

I was in London on Saturday, for a friend's hen do. This was a lot more civilised than the usual affair (though I am no expert having not had a hen do before getting married). Champagne afternoon tea at Claridges, no less! Another friend had hand made a sash for the bride-to-be in satin with 'DING DONG' spelled out in silver sequins - very Claridges! Needless to say the afternoon tea was fantastic - a glass of champagne, tiny gourmet sandwiches, cakes and scones with tea :)

I arrived in London early, squeezing in a few fabric shop stops before meeting up with everyone. It's not often that I get the chance to leave the children with my husband and nip off for a solo expedition, so I made the most of it.

Unfortunately Selfridges had run out of copies of Marie Claire Idees, but I did come away with a few other goodies from John Lewis on Oxford Street and V V Rouleaux:

These area all destined for Summer clothing items for my little girl. Just waiting for the weather to pick up a little! The patchwork stripe fabric will be a skirt of some sort, then I was thinking of a layered dress with the spots and pink, as the spots is a bit lightweight on its own. Not sure what I'm doing with the trims yet, but they were too pretty not to buy. It's lucky I don't get the chance to shop very often as I could easily make a habit of picking up pretty bits and pieces like this!


  1. sounds like a lovely trip - I live in London but rarely get to those spots - maybe I'll be inspired after reading of your little jaunt

    tea in claridges - mmmmm

    I've tagged you for an award over at my place...

  2. sounds like lots of fun, champagne, cake and shopping!

  3. Mmmmm. Tea at Claridges and shopping at VV Rouleaux sounds like a perfect day - I'm sooooo jealous!

  4. Yah! I was wondering where they sell Marie Claire I know....Thanks!


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