Friday, 22 February 2008

Finished objects

moleskine organiser in progress (except in reverse!)

Thanks for the kind comments to my last post! I'm still feeling like a happy crafter, as I've just listed the last of the three custom orders I was working on this week. The original which prompted the custom orders is this one, but the resulting 3 orders are so different, due to the fabric choices of the customers. One was in zingy orange stripes (above), and another in chocolate brown and teal damask (in my last post). The last one was my first time sewing leather, which was so straightforward. I'd somehow thought my machine wouldn't cope with the task, but armed with some leather needles, I gave it a try and I'm so pleased with how the brown leather looks against the charcoal pinstripe. Thankfully, all the customers were pleased with the designs I'd come up with too!

Now I need to decide whether to make more of these, or to start on something new. Hopefully my trip to V V Rouleaux, Liberty, and now (thanks for the tip off from Two Hippos) to Selfridges for a copy of Marie Claire Idees, should provide some inspiration for a new project.


  1. I love that stripy fabric! another really nice item :D

  2. Oh these are just gorgeous. You do some really nice things.

  3. Thanks, Jennifer and Melissa. I'm really enjoying making these at the moment. So many different possible fabric combinations!


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