Sunday, 3 February 2008

Monday evening

I managed to carve out a bit of sewing time for myself over the weekend, albeit in a stop-start kind of fashion. I did some cutting out on Saturday, then set about sewing today. The result is a few completed items - a bamboo-handled bag, some lavender bags and a card case that is to be consigned to the scrap heap (one of those rushing-to-finish moments and I fixed the magnetic snap totally off-centre!). It feels like it's been ages since I've had the sewing machine out - poorly children + poorly me = sewing machine neglect.

I have now given up on the house being illness-free for the duration of the Winter - if I don't expect too much then it's bound to be better than I hoped!

Aims for the week:
getting to the bottom of the ironing pile (haha - as if that's going to happen)
getting my little boy to eat vegetables (ditto)
knitting the pair to the dashing glove I posted to my father for his birthday last week (this one, I might just manage!)


  1. Your bag is fabulous, great fabric too, brightens up a dull winters day.

  2. bag is great - gorgeous fabric
    I love that dashing glove too (laughed at you sending just one off to your dad - thats exactly like something I'd do) - I just might have to make one of those (if not two!)
    hope good health reigns again soon

  3. the bag is great, LOVE the fabric!

    the bottom of the ironing pile is a myth, it doesn't exist!

  4. I love that fabric, what a beautiful bag...and I am very envious that you and your sewing machine work quite so quickly when you do get together!

    Good luck with the other glove. x

  5. Thank you, two hippos, annieb, driftwood and florence! I love the apples and pears prints - I have acquired the brown, blue and white to date!

    and for the record, I never did make the bottom of the ironing pile!


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