Saturday, 9 February 2008

A sunny Saturday

It's been spring-like here today - beautifully sunny and mild. A day in the garden for the children, then we put them to work cleaning the car this afternoon.

I'm not sure how much cleaner the car is at the end of it, but they certainly had a lot of fun, and wellies full of water to prove it!

This week has gone really quickly. So far I haven't really accomplished any of my aims from my last post. I'm about half way through the pair to dashing, I haven't even begun to tackle the ironing pile, and operation get-the-boy-to-eat-proper-meals is making slow progress. After a day-long standoff over a tuna pasta bake midweek, by Thursday he was coaxed into eating a homemade mackerel pastie, and on Friday a slow-cooked cottage pie.

I'm hoping to work up to cauliflower and broccoli cheese next week ... we'll see on that one! I'm beginning to question my sanity after my 4 year old little girl's incredulity that I was taking pictures of our lunch!

More sewing this evening, I hope. I'm thinking of making some knitting needle rolls for my shop. I made a few cute pencil cases today - all ready to photograph and list tomorrow - hopefully we'll get a bit more of that lovely sunshine.


  1. The pencil cases look great and having your car washed for you must be a real treat. Its one job I really don't like doing so the car just sits and looks sad and dusty!

  2. the pencil cases are lovely, and I'm glad you are making progress with the proper meals, it's hard to be making different things for everyone, and don't worry about the kids thinking you're strange photographing their dinner, they get used to it!

  3. Love those pencil cases, greatr fabrics. I need to follow your lead on the healthy meal front, my 5 yo is a disaster!

  4. Thank you for the kind comments about the pencil cases. I love all those cute Japanese prints.

    It's nice to know I'm not the only one who is tearing her hair out about children's eating too!


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