Sunday, 24 February 2008

Ticking things off the list

One of our goals for this half term was to get the house sorted out a bit. This is a goal for most weekends and school holidays, but somehow we never seem to quite get on top of the clutter. So a few days ago we went to Ikea, a day out for all the family! My children love ikea - especially the children's bedroom part of the showroom. We don't go very often, but even so they knew where they were aiming for - straight into the beds, all tucked in and ready for stories! That, and a meal in the cafe, is enough to sell the whole trip to them.

So here are the results:

a tidier bookcase - fabrics folded and craft magazines and patterns stored in files

painted shelves, to be filled up with junk soon, most likely

picture frames up on walls

print by askey illustration, another etsy purchase

So we're getting somewhere, albeit slowly ... we have been in this house almost 18 months after all. Having children has definitely slowed down the pace of getting things finished!


  1. Love your shelves and your prints. And how I empathize with the kids=slow decorating thing. We have been in our current house for 5 years and I still feel we haven't really bedded down.

  2. gorgeous prints, and great shelves too, my kids like ikea too, strange really, as they hate shopping normally.

  3. I love a trip to Ikea myself...

    As for not getting things done, I don't have a single child, we've been here three years and haven't done half the things we said we would, so I reckon you're doing brilliantly :)

  4. I love the yumi yumi print! Gorgeous, and your shelves look beautifully painted. x


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