Monday, 26 April 2010

Still here

Well, only a couple of weeks to go till d-day (I am not even entertaining the thought of going overdue as I did with my little boy. If needs be, I shall start making a Christmas cake to speed things up!). I'm rattling through my to-do list, attempting to get the house in order and reduced to swigging gaviscon from the bottle. The cat, who has always liked to sit next to people rather than on them, has become my shadow and likes nothing better than to curl up with her head on my bump.

I've been doing some last ditch catching up with friends over the Easter holidays before the small person slows me down. I had a lovely day out in London with Florence, Joanne and Lisa for sewing chat and anthropologie browsing, and even got to see the proofs of Lisa's amazing new bag making bible - I can't wait to get my hands on the real thing, which can be pre-ordered from amazon. And because I always like to share, here's a link to a very cute animated London bus map I found online (due to my anxiety about giving birth on the tube, I decided to remain above ground on this occasion).

Sewing has become strictly recreational for the last week or so and I've just taken delivery of a lovely new stack of fabrics for my latest projects, some for baby makes, some just because (is there a better reason for buying fabric?).

new fabric

I was also lucky enough to win Florence's giveaway of these gorgeous Rosalie Quinlan charm squares, which I am busy hatching up plans for - maybe a very special blanket for the new baby.

Hoping to be back soon, but if I do go quiet, you'll know where I am ...!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Easter holidays


As usual I am reaping the rewards of being married to a teacher in school holiday time, with an extra pair of hands at home to help with the children when I feel like a bit of sewing (the perks are few otherwise, though he did let me have a small piece of graph paper the other day so that I could draw a hexagon template!). I finally got started on this babushka bunny kit from areathriftyone that's been sitting in my stash for 6 months or so. I came across the kit when researching a blog post on sewing kits that I wrote for UK handmade a while back and had to buy one for myself. I love the idea of pre-printed fabric kits to cut out and sew and this one is really sweet! She's for the new baby, due within the next few weeks, and is the perfect size for tiny hands.

Not wanting my older two to be left out, I've now got my eye on the girl and boy doll kits from Clothkits. I still have my clothkits doll, made for me by my mother, with a whole array of outfits which I see has now been reprinted (though she doesn't have quite as extensive a wardrobe as the original). I like the idea of having some hassle free sewing kits like this for when I've lost my mind during the first months after having the baby and feel like doing some sewing which is not going to require precision measuring! Maybe I might even work up to one of the lovely robots from WeeWonderfuls, though I'm worried I may be floored by fabric selection left to my own devices (you see I've done this twice before, and remember what a wreck I was for the first few months!).

Other than the sewing, we've been having plenty of Easter holiday fun. I bought a couple of second hand bikes on ebay for my children recently, thinking that now would be an ideal time to learn in preparation for leisurely rides alongside the pram come the Summer. I can't believe how quickly these two were off when we took them up to Burnham Beeches for a first ride - helmets are definitely a must for next time round!

cycle ride

That's me scurrying ahead (well, waddling) so that I could try and take a photo of them riding towards me on my mobile, but they were too fast!

We've lots of plans for the remaining week and a half of holidays, including plenty of crafting for the children. Next project is to be making freezer paper stencils and using fabric paints to design a t-shirt each - I will have to reign in their creativity just a tiny bit as it'll be me who has to precision cut out their complex drawings.

Hope you're enjoying the Easter holidays and Springtime sunshine!
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