Tuesday, 29 June 2010

It's a girl!

It's been a while since I last blogged, but I have the best excuse; my little girl finally arrived 10 days late last month, with a mop of dark brown hair, weighing in at a respectable 8lb 4 1/2 oz and off the scale at 57cm long. So not the tiny baby predicted, in spite of being referred for growth scans due to my compact bump.

my new baby girl :)




She is as sweet as can be, has a fondness for being cuddled (and is not so keen on being put down). She has a cry that can be heard for miles around and is a proper drama queen when having her nappy changed. We're being rewarded with some beautiful smiles and cooing, especially the big sister and brother. The boy has been thrown into some confusion now that he is both a big brother and a little brother to his two sisters, and we've had some comical moments when asked 'are your sister's eyes open', for example, he'll often run up to the eldest to check instead of the baby.

There's been not much else going on around here other than feeding, changing and baby gazing. It feels as if we've always been a family of five now - yikes I'm a mother of three! I'm astounded that the older two have got to school and nursery on time every day, with ironed uniforms and brushed hair - I'm sure it can't last.
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