Saturday, 23 June 2012

It takes three months to make a tea cosy

Still struggling with the whole time issue here. Whole days seem to disappear with very little to show for them. Of course homework is done, children are fed and clothed, walked to school and back and delivered to their many clubs and lessons after school. In fact, we have somehow contrived to have an activity for the girl or the boy every night of the week. When the littlest is of school age, I'll have to break it to her that there will be no clubs for her as I have too many children. Either that, or we'll streamline the clubs - the boy might just have to go to brownies with the two girls.

So that's why it took me no less than three months to get from this:

work in progress - tea cosies

to this, just listed in the shop:

Appliqued slogan tea cosy

Speedy, huh? And let's not count the couple of years ago that I probably first sketched my tea cosy masterplans in my sketchbook. Taking over the world, one tea cosy at a time.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee makes

The fact that the study-o is crammed with the contents of the average haberdashery shop really comes in handy when faced with the need to dress two children for a Jubilee garden party at school the next day. That's not to say we didn't get a week's warning, just that I'm hideously disorganised. Bring on the ribbons and felt for some hastily-executed accessories.

Jubilee hair

Jubilee badge

This is the second felt union jack I've stitched in as many years (Royal wedding outfits for school), and both times I've felt an overwhelming urge to slap a nice red felty dragon in the middle. It's only really the complexity of the dragon versus the simplicity of the stripes and the general last-minute nature of my efforts that has stopped me. Next time ...

Luckily, felt is very forgiving of speed-stitching, and you can't go wrong with a cup-of-tea button and some spotty ribbons. Job done.
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