Monday, 12 November 2012

Paper dolls - knitting for my daughter

I've been admiring Kate Davies's Paper Dolls pattern for a long while. In fact, I first planned to knit it on 11 November 2010 (Ravelry is brilliant for showing you precisely how long you have been procrastinating for!) then promptly spent so long trying to decide on yarn types and colours that it languished in my to-knit queue for just a few days short of two years. In the event, I didn't have to actually make any decisions at all, as I found I had some artesano alpaca 4ply in my stash that was the perfect gauge for the pattern. I love it when a plan comes together.

Paper dolls fair isle jumper

I cast on at the beginning of the month, and the jumper is coming on apace. I've loved every thing about it so far - the chunky i-cord cast on (new to me) and corrugated ribbing, the frothiness and softness of the alpaca yarn, the little floral motifs emerging from the mass of grey stocking stitch. The joy of knitting in the round is that I'm not really aware of counting rows, and it's very easy to just tack on a few more circuits when I probably would have long cast my straights aside.

Reverse of two-colour corrugated ribbing

Knitting continental-style with the contrast yarn in my left hand, and UK-style with the main yarn in my right has left me zipping around the colourwork. I'm vaguely picking up the floats when they get too long, but I'm hoping the fuzzy softness of the yarn will sort the rest out once it's blocked. I'm also following Kate's tip of turning the work inside out so that my floats run around the outside rather than the inside of the knitting, stopping them from pulling too tightly and distorting the pattern.

I'm reaching the fun bit now, as my sleeve caps are joined to the body and I've just got to the point where I have a row of dolls' feet in front of me, and I'm feeling a little bit disappointed that this project will soon be finished. With so much potential for customising the yoke pattern I might just have to knit one for all the family. I'm picturing pi symbols for the mathematician-husband; I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed with such a unique jumper.


  1. wowser - I am so impressed! It's gorgeous!

  2. Your knitting is oh so beautiful. I have attempted and failed rather miserably with colour work knitting... but the inside out tip? I want to set to right now!

    1. Thanks mrsrobinson! I failed miserably first time round with colour work, but it's getting better - definitely helps me to knit with one yarn in left and one in right as it keeps my tension more even. And fuzzy yarn is also kind to gappy tension! Inside-out is new to me, but brilliant for keeping the floats long enough not to pucker the pattern.


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