Monday, 19 January 2015

First finish of 2015

In the name of having a thrifty January after the excesses of the festive period, I'm trying to rein in my natural inclination to start on new projects and finish off some of the old abandoned works-in-progress instead. First up, a pair of mittens which my Ravelry notebook incontrovertibly states I cast on back in November 2012. Ella, of BomBella Designs, kindly gifted me the pattern and I bought some gorgeous hand-dyed Skein Queen yarn in Regency blue to knit them up.

Bunty mittens

Mitten one was finished quite swiftly, but its pair was not cast on until the end of 2014. Once I got going again I wondered why I'd left it so long - even with superskinny yarn, the mittens come together very quickly. These were knitted with one strand held in the right hand and the other held, continental style, in the left, so not too much dropping and picking up balls of yarn. The stranded colourwork has the added bonus of making the mittens extra warm and cosy on the inside, which is pretty handy with the sudden drop in temperature since Christmas!

Bunty mitten

The full details are over on Ravelry where you'll find the Bombella Designs pattern store.

I wore the mittens for the first time to walk to collect the children from school this afternoon. Eldest immediately spotted them and complimented me, but followed this up with the slightly puzzling observation that they reminded her of quiches ... hmm, not quite sure what to make of that one ...


  1. quiche? Ummmm, okay. They are gorgeous - I am in awe of your colour work. I'm just too much of a klutz to get the two handed thing

  2. So lovely! I, too, am in awe of your colour work... I cannot get the tension right let alone two handed wool feeding. I shall just admire your beautiful makes. Which do not remind me of quiche in the slightest!

  3. Beautiful! I have yet to even attempt colourwork - is it hard?


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