Thursday, 5 February 2015

Needled no longer

embellished needle book

Not being one to procrastinate and delay, when confronted by the inadequacy of the pincushion as a needle-holder in August 2008, I immediately decided to set to work on a needlebook to keep my needles safe. Having made that decision, a mere six-and-a-half years later I actually set to work on said needlebook.


In a mission to tackle the overflowing scraps bin, I strip-pieced the outer cover, made a little pocket trimmed with Japanese sewing-themed ribbon gifted to me by Joanne many moons ago, and pinked some inner pages from brushed cotton. The little embroidered 'needles' label was made in my enthusiasm for the project back in 2008, and has since been languishing in my workbox; I pinked the edges and attached it to the cover with fusible web and running stitch. 

needlebook embellished page

There's a small pocket on the inside cover, and a felt patch on the back inside cover for tucking in needles mid-project. The idea for the embellished inner pages came from this sweet needlebook tutorial seen over on pinterest. I so enjoyed prettifying the pages and can see this being an ongoing work in moments of boredom. 
paper pieced mini quilt

In other news the paper-pieced mini quilt is taking shape. The piecing is now finished, the paper pieces have been popped out (basting stitches removed with the aid of the marvellous pushy/pokey/stuffy/thready tool that is 'that purple thang'), and the whole thing has been pressed and slipstitched onto pale grey linen (it was also slipstitched on to the leg of my jeans in the process, and swiftly removed before dashing out of the house on the school run).

paper pieced patchwork

For the quilting, I've picked out the hexagons with a running stitch in grey stranded cotton (and how easy it was to find an embroidery needle in my trusty new needlebook!). This evening I shall be hand finishing the binding in front of Death in Paradise, because that is how I roll (and also because it is much easier to combine handsewing with something sedate like Death in Paradise than with our other current viewing, The Killing, where somewhat greater concentration is required!).


  1. it was worth the wait for the needlebook. and that piecing is gorgeous xxx

  2. hahahaha! thank you for keeping it real! It's very cute - well worth the slight delay ;-)

  3. Only six and a half years in the making? I think that may be a fairly quick make by my standards. A lovely place for needles... love the pockets and sweet additions to the pages. And lovely hexies. I had no idea there was such a thing as the purple tool thingy...

  4. Helen! You took such a blog break during book writing that I somehow hadn't noticed that you'd started writing here again! So pleased to scroll back and see that you've actually emerged and been here for some time! And your beautiful book is published! Congratulations - so lovely to see a photo of you with it in a real live shop - that must make all those months of hard work suddenly seem very real and not like a strange thready dream! xxx


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