Sunday, 12 April 2015

I've got chicks, they're multiplying...


When one of my children's teachers mentioned a fundraiser held at his old school, selling knitted chicks stuffed with cadbury's creme eggs, I was full of enthusiasm. I'm a great jumper on bandwagons, especially if they are knitted bandwagons. One quick pattern search later (oh Ravelry, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways), and I had found Chloe Blunn's free pattern .Quick to knit up in cheapo acrylic DK, with a 3.75mm needle giving the perfect egg-hugging fit, I had 100 of these made within the fortnight. Okay, so my hands were like gnarled claws by the time I'd finished, but that is a minor point, and I did eventually regain the use of my fingers.

which came first?

With a team of other knitters and beak 'n eye stitchers on board, we soon had several baskets brimming over with Easter chicks, which were a sellout by the end of the week and raised a nice chunk of money for school - the most garish chicks were the quickest sellers amongst the children, with stripey chicks knitted from random remnants a huge hit. And no, the creme egg controversy didn't seem to put anyone off! Best of all, I was able to come up with a raft of ridiculous egg- and bird-based puns about 'eggcellent Easter tweets going cheep' for the school newsletter, and I do so love a terrible pun.

chicken in a basket?
anyone for chicken-in-a-basket?

And next year, it looks as if I shall have another little knitter on board, in the shape of my four-year old - what she lacks in speed, she more than makes up for in cuteness with her little face set in concentration!


Hope you had an eggcellent Easter!

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