Thursday, 10 September 2015

Long time no see

The Needles
The last time I had a blog break this long, I had a book to show for it. The time before that, there was a baby. This time, I don't have an awful lot to show for my absence, unless you count an ironing pile of epic proportions! I'm wondering whether there's any hope I'll ever be able to work through it all and am seriously considering offering it up as a home to overwintering hedgehogs where they can lie undisturbed till Spring.

Last year, my youngest started school full-time, so I was waiting for all that elusive 'free time' I've heard about to begin. Fat chance! As most seasoned parents know, that gap between ten-past-nine and three-thirty disappears within the blink of an eye. My working hours have also expanded, almost without me noticing. Then there was eldest, who began her final year of primary, which seemed to precipitate a headlong dash through the academic year - last this, last that, leavers' assemblies and parties - making the terms fly by with a gathering momentum.

Steephill Cove
The Summer has been lovely, even though I've worked a lot of it (I'll always find it hard to forgive my husband his teacher's holidays!). We've actually managed three stays away - a week camping on the Isle of Wight with a visit to family in Dorset and Exeter tagged on to the end, a long weekend with the tent on the edge of the Chilterns, catching up with friends from our old home in Slough, and a few days in London staying in my sister's house.

Home Farm campsite
South Bank
Back to school now and I've got that 'new year' feeling - I feel slightly cheated that I don't get a new school bag any more, but my metaphorical pencils are sharpened, a fresh page turned over in a brand new pukka pad, and I'm ready to go. This September, I'm resolved to stop frittering away time and try and keep on top of the house whilst also carving out a bit of sewing time here and there. I've got a list and everything, with hand-drawn check boxes to tick off as I go.

the study-o

 I've made ever such a good start - Friday saw me ruthlessly clearing and cleaning the study-o to within and inch of its life, Monday was the day I emptied and cleaned the kitchen cupboards, tackled the oven, and steam-cleaned the floors, then Tuesday I set to work on a task of the greatest importance - making some bunting for the tent. Got to keep up with the Joneses after all.


  1. I certainly have the September new year feeling too, and like the idea of reintroducing a new school bag at the beginning of the month... Sounds like you most deservedly should be having some relaxing bunting making time - every tent needs some! I made some for our dear friends who got married this summer, to put in their tent and got rather carried away...

  2. lovely to see you back! This is the first September in so long that hasn't had all the back to school happenings at home as the monster is off to Uni. Must be something in the air as I too have been making bunting :D)


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